woensdag 20 oktober 2010

So, there's my blog ... and now what?

OK, so I created a blog @ blogger. Now what? What do I put here? Who cares; who will read this? And then what? Will it make any difference and what do I care?

You know, I have very deep thoughts, I really do. Often late at night, when the family has gone to their respective bedrooms, my mind rumbles and tumbles on mighty philosophical questions. For example - why English? Is it because I feel I will of course attract an international crowd of followers? Or is it the lingua franca, the common language, of the internet? Oh, now some practical questions pop up.

Should I devote this blog to any specific subject? It could have been named 'on the choice of two wheels for the bicycle' or 'on dinosaurs and birds'. Or 'on dinosaurs and thus birds'. Get the thoughts I'm wrestling with? Stick to the subject? Must it be about hobby's or about professions? Or would my brain be the more obvious starter point? So pick and choose whatever I muse about.

Well, I'll just close for now. The kids have left the house for the night and my wife watches TV downstairs. Oh well, there are more machines in the house and I can add to the blog from there, if I can remember my logon. We got into a rather serious relationship discussion, something we should have done times ago. Very good and I'm very glad we did. The dishwasher is already clock-started and TV shows a documentary on japanese gigolo's. Very non-sense, poor people.

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