vrijdag 21 februari 2014

Microsoft WindowsXP expires? Nonsense and FUD!

Suppose you are a car manufacturer. Every day minor design or manufacturing errors are found and sometimes even dangerous faults. How long will you keep up repairing and replacing parts, so as to keep your drivers safe and happy?

maandag 27 januari 2014

Copy Right or Copy Wrong?

I started out writing about writers and, while writing, almost wrote a book instead of a blog entry. The subject tends to become more complicated while you're at it.

Are the Anglo-Saxon descriptions Copyright Act, intellectual property rights or IP law misguiding? On the European continent similar Acts are in French called Droit d'Auteur, in Spanish Derechos de Autor and in German Urheberrecht, in Danish Loven om Ophavsret, in Dutch Auteurswet. Most of these terms translate to English as 'Authors Law' or 'Authors Rights'. So what?